Royal Doulton West.

Royal Doulton West….Who is this character and what make him so special?  Well Royal Doulton West in not a character but company that produces porcelain figures.  Royal Doulton makes a variety of different figures from a yo sammity sam look a like mug to sweet little bunnies eating in the pasture.

Because of the rich history of these fantastic and unique figures they are very popular in there own subculture.  Please search our website and look at all the different forums that are being presented.

See below the different catagoreis we have

  • Character Jugs
  • Tobbies
  • Bunnykins
  • Flambe’
  • Beswick
  • Kingsware, loving cups, character figures, seriesware, dickensware

The character jugs our great and like the name make your drink have a lot more meaning in the morning cup of coffee.  We have the Shakespear head, Harlem Globe trotter head, elfs head, a bear hunter head and an old pilgrim.  If you can think it chances are we have it.

The Bunnykins are the line of rabbits that are dressed in suits for the males and dresses for the females.  The are shown to be dancing around and eating lettuce and carrots like one big happy family.  I almost feel guilty when my little Chaweenie Gilbert chases them around.  Makes you think the rabbits have a nice family dinner every night.

The figurines are a general label which means many different characters fall into. Some of the random persons and thing you will see are ladies for the early 20th century with there poofy dresses.  A favorite of mine would be the Arabians that are dressed like genies with there bright colors of purples, whites and gold.

Remember don’t forget about are great china collection as well.  You will see the label of Royal Daulton on these great dishes that will add great appeal to your cabinet.  Royal uses the finest china and paints the decorations by hand.





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